The Art of Living

I have recently read an article from Flow Magazine Issue 9. It was an interview  of a writer and philosopher Damon Young.  What Damon said was a coincident resonance  of what I have been thinking in the last couple of years.

I have been thinking a lot about life in recent years. Maybe it’s something natural  when you get older. I have been thinking that time is running out faster than I would have liked so it has made me more aware of how I should spend my life and what I want to achieve in life. Damon said “life is not just something you receive; you have to work on it”.  This statement is spot on for me.  At the end of the day we only live once. It will be really sad if we don’t have control over it.  Life is full of choices and we have to make choices for ourselves.  We are the only one who can detemine what is right for us.  Whilst we are doing it, we have to of course think about people around us and how our life will affect them. Damon rightly points out that getting the right balance between our dreams and people around us is important. To be able to do this we need to continually evaluate ourselves and our lives as circumstances can change at any time. What mattered most for us last year may not be the same now.

I like the garden metaphor that Demonstrates used but as I am not a gardener I find my creative project gives me the same effect as a garden does because when you create something you have to give it time to cultivate and have the patience to finish it. It requires constant evaluation to see if it needs any adjustment.

I have never before considered distraction as an escape but now that Demon mentioned it I think there is a lot of truth in that.

Once you know what you want in life and continually evaluate it and be aware of what is stopping you from pursuing them then life will be much easier to manage and you are more likely to live a fulfiling life.


To leave or not to leave

2016-06-01 08.22.42

I am not into politics but something as important as the EU Referendum really cannot be ignored. Two months ago I was undecided whether to vote remain or leave so I started to go to talks and listened to arguments from both sides.  Was I any wiser?  No and to the contrary I was getting more and more confused!  The problem is there are benefits and pitfalls on both arguments. Things that are good now may not be the same in the future and vice versa regardless of whether Britain is in or out of the EU.

As I can’t make a decision based on the arguments from both sides, I started to ask myself if there is anything that is fundamental which can only be achieved by leaving or staying in the EU. And then this “being in control” sprung to my mind.  The Remain Party claims if we stay in, we can influence the EU.  To me influence is not enough.  What I want to see is we make our own decisions and policies.  If we can decide what is best for the country and have the freedom to make it happen then there is hope for better future.  I do not believe in one size fits all.  Every country has their own needs and strengths.  If we stay in the EU, we can negotiate but there will be compromises and maybe more compromises than I would like to see.  I believe that if we are determined to succeed and want to make it work, we can overcome hurdles.  We may not see benefits straightaway as it will take time and it may not even be in my lifetime but in the scheme of things if it means a better future for the future generations then it makes the short-term pain more bearable.

Today I know exactly what I am going to vote for.  If the outcome is not what I want, I will still be happy with it as it is what the majority want.  I just hope that everyone who is eligible to vote will vote.